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Fitting Guide

What better way to be and feel like a woman than to wear a stylish bra that fits correctly. Wearing the right size bra can make all the difference to your boobs as it will give you required support, feel more comfortable and be secure. Wearing the correct size bra will make you feel like a new woman and give you the confidence to live in a "man's world".

The question is how do you know if you're wearing the wrong size? Well here at Lembrassa we know that using a tape measure is not the best way to determine your bra size instead follow the tips below and start living like a woman.

  • The under band of the bra should feel firm but comfortable, on the loosest hook when new (with wear the bra will stretch and you will have to wear it on a tighter hook).
  • The band should be at horizontal level all the way round your body
  • The underwire should follow the shape of your breast without digging in
  • The centre wires between the cups should rest flat against the skin and not poke out
  • Your breasts should fit comfortably into the cup and not spill over the top or sides
  • The straps should not dig in your shoulder or leave red marks

Most Common Fitting Problems & Answers

Women should not have to suffer with wrong fitting bras. If you believe you are wearing the wrong size or are just unsure, see common problems below.

  • The back band keeps riding up your back

This is a very common problem among women and means that the band size is too big - a band should feel snug around the body and not move. The first thing would be to try the bra on a tighter hook. If you still find the back riding up then you will need to try a bra with a smaller band size - do remember that a smaller band size will mean a bigger cup size (e.g. a 34F would go to a 32G).

  • The wires are digging in under your arms

The wires should be flat against your rib cage without digging into the breast. If you find the wire is digging in at the side then your cup size is too small and you need to go up at least one cup.

  • The centre wires are sticking out from your body

The wires should be flat against your body. If the wire doesn't rest flat then it may be that your cup size is too small. First try and re-arrange the breast in the cup and see if this makes the fit more comfortable. If this doesn't help try a larger cup size - e.g. 36E to 36F

  • The shoulder straps are digging in and leaving red marks

This may mean that your back band is not tight enough and the straps are doing the supporting. The support should come from the band so try moving to a tighter hook and loosen the straps. If the straps still leave marks and are digging in then it is best to get a smaller band size. You might also need to try bras with a wider bra strap.

  • The bra cup is wrinkled

The bra cup should be smooth over your breasts so if yours is wrinkly it would indicate that your cup size is too big. The best solution would be to wear a smaller cup size bra.

  • Your breasts are spilling out the top or bulging at the sides

This can give a four boob effect and is a sign that the cup size you're wearing is too small - you will need to increase your cup by at least one size.

If you can't find the answer you are looking for then please do not hesitate to send a question to a member of the team at and we will deal with your enquiry straight away.

Sizing Tables

The tables below are size conversion tables for bras and bottoms. Since almost 70% of women wear the wrong size bra, we at Lembrassa have produced tables to show how different countries label their bras. There is a significant difference for D cup sizes upwards so please use these tables to help. Since manufacturers can vary in their sizing please see our helpful fitting guide tips above for how your bra should look and feel.

Bra - Band size conversion

Bras - Cup Size conversion

Brief, shorts & thong - Size conversion

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